Ken P. D. Snydecast Vol. 1 digital download

Dana Snyder and Ken Plume set out to have a literate conversation between two pals, but inevitably devolve into a verbal, and funny, free-for-all full of bickering, infighting, and the special kind of male bonding that comes from conflict expressed through the podcast medium.

Actor/comedian/raconteur Dana Snyder is Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Master Shake, Squidbillies‘ Granny, Minoriteam’s Dr. Wang, and The Venture Bros.‘ Alchemist.

Author/producer/bon vivant Ken Plume is the architect of, and he is Dana’s friend, as well as his arch-nemesis.

IN YOUR HANDS, you could hold the FIRST 15 EPISODES of the Ken P.D. Snydecast. Each episode has been lovingly remastered by Old World iArtisans to the best of their ability, considering the sound on some of these early episodes may as well have been recorded on two tin cans and a string.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Every single episode also includes BRAND NEW, EXCLUSIVE BONUS MINISODES featuring Ken & Dana’s reflections on these HISTORIC, AWARD-WINNING shows being interviewed by Dr. Weinerbreath himself, Mr. Guy Hutchinson.

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